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 We started our company at a historic time where many countries in the world are starting to allow and promote the benefits of medical cannabis. Cloud 9 Switzerland is a dynamic company founded in 2017 with the goal to bring health & wellness to people leveraging on mother nature's rich flora. We are based in Switzerland and Jamaica and are active in the European (Italy, Switzerland, France) and Canadian markets. We have an extensive network of collaborations between universities, the medical profession and patient's associations and are fast becoming a point of reference. We are a brand owner, manufacturer and third party importer & distributor. We have a combined strength of over 50 years of experience in phytotherapy, flavours, food and beverages with a strong focus on research & development, quality, regulatory compliance and route to market. Our portfolio of medical cannabis and non-cannabis products consist of beverages, edibles, extracts, essential oils and cosmetics using a variety of aromatic and medicinal plants. Our company and cannabis brand "Cloud 9"TM are recognised for innovative and trustworthy consumer products.   


United Cannabis Corporation Establishes Distribution Relationship With Cloud 9 Switzerland

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